confinement obsessionnel #21

_et qu’est-ce que tu veux faire quand tu seras grande? _poétesse! _prends tes cachets d’abord!

waiting for {cold} hands to hit my {warmy} lulu

Springtime, it is ?

My feelings are getting worst ; no excuses to not going out.

Fresh air full of this nature making love again.

Going out. Cum inside.

Always the same.

Got to work.

Distraction. Having fun. Fuck with brainless’ bodies.

Going out. Write my name on the toilet’s wall.

Going out. Get hit by a dicky-ding-dong boy.

: Springtime

is full of empty nest.

No rest for lovers.

Is there a way to exit pain ?

Paris – 27 avril 2020

Auteur : Céline Rozie George Milosz

poète lunaire pour espèce en voie d'extinction